Helps Seniors Avoid Scammers, Conmen, and Thieves

They say youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art. Getting to senior age is supposed to usher in an era of celebration of lifetime achievements, and one marked with more people to love. However, this is not always the case. Senior Citizens continue to fall victims to fraudulent schemes, by people determined to take advantage of them. It is important that measures are put in place to protect them from the risks they face.

Worried older lady
The Seniors Center publishes a blog to help Senior Citizens protect themselves from scams, fraud, and cons

The Seniors Center Blog — which is the official blog of The Seniors Center based in Washington DC — is a very crucial resource to Senior Citizens who want to protect themselves from scammers, conmen and thieves. It raises and discusses pertinent issues that face senior persons. One of the key aspects of the lives of seniors is the Social Security Trust Fund. It is the Seniors Center that informed on the looting of resources that are supposed to pay Social Security retirement benefits. The Seniors Center continues to pressure Congress to repay the Social Security Trust Fund through petition drives and programs like #KeepOurTrust.

Another way that The Seniors Center has been and continues to be resourceful is by issuing alerts and cautioning senior citizens against fraudulent schemes that aim at swindling the elderly. The Seniors Center publishes and reports on some of the most notable of such cases. For instance, on the blog numerous stories are published such as the incident where a senior citizen was swindled by his own son. The Seniors Center publishes the various forms by which fraud and scams are perpetrated against senior citizens.

Another vital contribution of The Seniors Center Blog is the alerts it continues to issue to senior citizens regarding identity theft. This mostly occurs during periods of voter registration. Senior citizens are misled into believing that they are giving their information for voter registration. The Seniors Center cautions against being asked for such requirements as the Social Security Number(SSN). This is particularly in view of the fact that most states do not require it for registration, and where it is required it is usually where in instances where one does not have a valid ID issued by the relevant state.

The Seniors Center can even be more proactive if it engaged more personnel, probably on a volunteer basis. Such personnel could then be utilized to conduct regular visits to senior citizens and check on their social and economic wellbeing. Senior citizens could be advised to always consult such programs aimed at their protection before making crucial decisions as making or altering their wills. To this end, The Seniors Center Blog could provide legal assistance to senior citizens.

The Seniors Center could conduct exercises and campaigns to educate senior citizens against such acts as fraudulent sales. Reports have arisen as to how salespersons target the elderly, offering goods or services at exorbitant prices and in some cases even offering defective goods or services. This is mostly committed through door-to-door campaigns.