FALSE: Seniors Don’t Need to Be Vaccinated to Receive Social Security

vaccinated social security

Misinformation has swirled around the internet since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest claim that has taken hold is that the government is requiring seniors to be vaccinated in order to send out Social Security checks. Thankfully, this rumor doesn’t have basis in fact.

PolitiFact has thoroughly debunked this claim. While a Florida senator spoke on the Senate floor about prohibiting vaccine mandates for Social Security recipients, no such mandate is in place, nor is it likely to occur. However, the COVID-19 vaccine is still an effective way to fight the spread of the coronavirus, and boosters are beginning to be available for seniors in order to boost antibodies.

No matter their vaccination status, seniors should receive their hard-earned benefits. The Seniors Center is fighting to protect Social Security. We’re calling on Congress to pass the Social Security Trust Fund Lock-Box Act. Our government shouldn’t be able to use the funds set aside for Social Security for their own gain. These funds need to be available to seniors. If you agree, sign our online petition today. And follow The Seniors Center on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.