How the 2023 COLA Could Lead to More Scam Attempts

2023 cola scams

It’s clear that scam artists will use any opportunity they can to take advantage of everyday Americans. When good news strikes, they’ll often begin to target those who might be waiting on benefits like student loan forgiveness or stimulus payments in order to try to intercept some of those funds.

One way that scam artists are targeting seniors is by connecting their schemes to the 2023 COLA. Read more on The Seniors Center Blog’s post “Scam Artists Are Using the 2023 COLA to Target Seniors” to discover how to stay safe.

Scam artists may target you, but armed with the right information, you can stay safe. The Seniors Center is here to help with resources on the latest scams and how you can report them. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook today so you never miss a post!