This Spring, Avoid These Allergy Triggers

allergy triggers

Spring allergies can be a nightmare for seniors, with sneezing, congestion, and other symptoms making it hard to feel your best. Knowing what triggers allergies can help you avoid them and keep allergies under control.

According to AARP, while the thick layer of pollen on your car might be an obvious trigger, some not-so-obvious offenders might include certain foods, products, or even houseplants.

Wine, beer, and even some foods contain sulfites, which are preservatives that can cause an allergic reaction. Make sure to read labels carefully and avoid sulfite-containing foods and drinks if you’re sensitive to them.

Even “natural” products such as lotions and soaps can contain allergens like fragrances, dyes, and certain extracts. Look for fragrance-free products when shopping, or opt for natural items like shea butter and honey-based face wash.

Finally, houseplants can be ways for mold and dust mites to be introduced to your home. Overwatering plants, or keeping them in humid areas like bathrooms, can encourage mold growth, while dust buildup is bad for both the plant and your lungs. Try to keep houseplants in sunlight or well-ventilated areas, and don’t forget to dust them weekly.

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