Not Focused on Supporting Seniors? Then Get Out of Politics, Says One Senator

With the U.S. government on the verge of defaulting, many of the country’s most vulnerable citizens look to politicians for protection. One senator has made it clear that, if lawmakers are not focused on supporting seniors, they should look elsewhere for a job.

Senator Bill Cassidy, speaking on CNN recently, commented that anyone seeking the nation’s highest office in 2024, no matter what side of the aisle they might be on, needs to show that they’re ready to help seniors. “They’re willing to put the future of our country’s financial health and senior citizens’ financial health—to sacrifice it because they want to get reelected,” he noted.

At The Seniors Center, we agree. Seniors deserve more than just lip service. They deserve a policy agenda that puts them first and actively works to improve their lives. We’re not only calling on our nation’s leaders to make seniors a priority, but we’re calling for changes that will protect the future of Social Security.

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