The Relationship Between Millennials and Social Security

When we think of Social Security, millennials don’t usually come to mind.

This program is often mentioned in senior-centered conversations. Older and middle-aged Americans are the groups most often associated with this program. However, retirement is something we’re all heading toward – hopefully.

The relationship between millennials and Social Security is one worth examining. Because the more we all get involved to protect the future of retirement, the stronger our collective voice becomes.

Will Millennials Get Social Security? Maybe, at Least Partially

It’s common knowledge among most people that Social Security is in trouble. With partial insolvency predicted within a decade, even middle-aged individuals are at risk of losing part of their benefits.

So what about young people, currently in their 20s or 30s? These individuals stand to lose even more money in retirement. This is an injustice for multiple reasons. For one, this program was meant to support everyone’s retirement, regardless of what generation they were born in.

The second reason is that young adults are the ones who primarily prop up this program now. Their money is being used to fund the dwindling account, so they shouldn’t be shortchanged either when their time comes to retire.

This goes to show that retirement and Social Security are not just topics for certain age groups. All adults, regardless of age or generation, should be concerned about this issue.

So what’s the solution? It’s not cutting benefits or moving the retirement age up. The only solution is for all of us to work together, bridging generational gaps with our collective effort. We can all enjoy a dignified retirement, like Social Security was meant to provide, if we work as one to make our voices heard.

If you support protecting retirement benefits, sign our Social Security petition. Every signature and every voice counts.

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