No Trust Fund Means an Unfair Decision for Social Security Recipients

Social Security recipients have a tough decision to make.

This important decision involves when to take their benefits. It’s a crucial choice that every senior must make. However, the circumstances seem to force the hand of those involved.

That’s because the well-documented insolvency predictions regarding this program create an unfair sense of pressure. The looming thought that benefits could run out can push retirees to make decisions they would’ve otherwise passed on.

Social Security Recipients: Do You Claim Early, or Wait?

Most people know that when you choose to claim benefits impacts your benefit amount. Those who wait longer can get higher checks, though this may not be the right decision for everyone.

But the average senior’s decision could be influenced by factors beyond their control, and factors that are downright unfair. Some seniors may choose to claim benefits early. But that’s not because they want to exit the workforce faster and enjoy more time with their families. Some claim ASAP because they’re worried benefits won’t be around if they wait.

Others delay benefits, but not just because they want to maximize payments for their own sake. Because benefits are lower than what they should be, some seniors must delay in order to raise their benefits enough to cover their living costs.

Both these problems can be traced to the same issue. The lack of a true Social Security Trust Fund creates a sense of instability. Only by restoring and repaying this model can seniors get the freedom to enjoy retirement on their terms in a fair way.

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