Ask Dan: Is Social Security Going Away?

There’s a lot of pessimism when it comes to discussions about Social Security.

We as Americans have a right to be skeptical, critical, and even frustrated about the mismanagement of this program. Some people are so down on the future of the program that they wonder — is it going away?

For answers on this, we turn to Dan Perrin, founder of The Seniors Center. He said:

“First, I want to make it very clear that Social Security isn’t going anywhere. Social Security is one of the most successful social programs in American history. Social Security is extremely popular with Democrats, Republicans, and independents. I believe Social Security will continue long after my grandchildren retire.”

He did make it clear that we’re right to be concerned about insolvency. But the fact that the program can be saved and fixed is all the more reason to keep up the good fight. Sign our petition to restore and protect the trust fund.