240,000 Senior Citizens Tell Congress: Pay Back Our Trust Fund

The count is 241,637 and rising.  That’s the number of people who have signed an Emergency Petition demanding that the United States Congress pass legislation to begin immediate repayment of funds diverted from the Social Security Trust Fund.

There is no trust fund..never was one…  The trust fund was a figment of congress’ imagination and could be found only in their speeches… ever see a check where the payee was Social Security Trust Fund?” said Bill Krawchuck, a retiree from Florida voicing support for the petition on The Seniors Center’s Facebook Page.

The Seniors Center has begun an all out effort to pass immediate legislation to shore up and repay the Social Security Trust Fund.  The campaign includes mailings to opinion leaders across the country as well as media advertisements and online petition drives.

Dan Perrin, President of The Seniors Center believes that this Petition Drive can help build consensus in Washington to fix the Social Security Trust Fund.  Not everyone agrees.  One retiree commented  “They actually believe that the money in social security is theirs to spend as they want. Petitioning congress is just a waste of time because they don’t care what we think!”