Rubio says he never called for cuts to Social Security, but Sanders brought the receipts

Senator Marco Rubio turned heads on November 29 when he called Social Security and Medicare the main “driver of our debt,” claiming the only way we could ever get our spending under control is to somehow alter the “structure” of Social Security.

But when asked to confirm his statements by Senator Bernie Sanders the following day, Rubio claimed his mother would never speak to him again if he proposed to cut her benefits.

Sanders finds that remarkable seeing as how he has the quote to back it up.

Though it’s true in his original statements Rubio never uses the word “cuts” to describe what needs to be done to entitlement programs to limit the debt, he nevertheless blames the national debt on them, explicitly absolving discretionary spending in the process.

But if he thinks Social Security is responsible for our mounting debt…what could altering the structure of Social Security possibly mean if not cuts?

…Unless he means changing that little part where the federal government constantly borrows from Social Security for discretionary spending and creates that debt…?

We’re going to guess not, though.