The Seniors Center Blog Helps Senior Citizens Avoid Financial Crimes

Financial crimes, including fraud, identity theft, and scams of all types, against senior citizens account for about a $2.9 billion loss yearly. Since they go largely unreported by their elderly victims, authorities fear these crimes are probably even more widespread than is currently known.

Older Americans are prime targets nowadays for conmen, scammers, and thieves because of their “nest eggs”/savings, health insurance, home ownership, prescription drugs, social security, and even funeral benefits, among many other benefits attractive to criminals.

The Seniors Center Blog, the official blog of The Senior Center, a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization committed to protecting the future of social security, is also dedicated to safeguarding senior citizens from being victimized by those who exploit older adults through the illegal use of senior citizen’s funds, including social security benefits.

The Senior Center Blog fights these crimes against seniors by regularly reporting on the latest ways criminals are exploiting the elderly, educating seniors on how they can best avoid these improper schemes, and additionally, encourage the elderly to report such activities to the proper authorities should they become victims themselves.

The blog has a handy archive tagged “Senior Scams” with indispensable resources such as advice on protecting yourself against scams targeting social security beneficiaries, top ten-type content for an easy-to-read list of the most common scams against senior citizens from Digital to Telemarketing schemes, and guidelines on keeping your data, such as your social security number, protected.

The Seniors Center Blog is vigilant about all crimes targeting older adults, including scams targeting Medicare, scams that prey on seniors making donations to worthwhile causes, fraudulent products, Internet scams, health care fraud, and much more.

Knowing that older Americans are less likely to report crimes against them because they are either too embarrassed at being victimized to tell someone or don’t know who to report it to, The Seniors Center Blog made it easier to get educated, get help and get support.

Oftentimes, Senior Citizens are even too scared to tell even their own families, afraid they will be labeled as incapable of taking care of their financial affairs. All blog posts come with a comment section welcoming elderly readers to ask questions, share their comments and stories, and show solidarity as a community against the unlawful elements trying to exploit them.

By providing a comprehensive, interactive, and timely resource for senior safety, hopes to foster a safe, supportive community for senior citizens across the country.