“Now You’ve Pissed Off Grandma” — Senior Citizens Speak Out About the Raid On Social Security

Congress has been raiding the Social Security for almost as long as there has been Social Security.  But until the 1980s, it was just a trickle of money.  Then, in 1983, the Republicans and the Democrats came up with a plan to fund Social Security for baby boomers.  They raised Social Security taxes and agreed to set the money aside in a “Trust Fund.”  And, in theory, it worked.  America’s workers saved almost $2.9 Trillion in that Social Security Trust Fund.

But when Congress saw the money piling up, they couldn’t resist. They “borrowed” it — with no rational plan to pay it back. They systematically raided the Social Security Trust Fund, spent the money on everything from new office buildings, to jet fighters, to refurbishing Air Force 1.  In fact, Congress doled money that was supposed to pay retirement benefits to the Baby Boomers to just about every government program.  And they replaced our Social Security savings with non-negotiable Treasury Bonds

Now, with the Social Security surplus drying up and still no plan in place to fix Social Security, The Seniors Center has launched a massive campaign to make our voices heard. These are just a few of the messages that Seniors are sending to Congress:

“We need someone to stop our government from changing social security checks into what they will call a “federal benefit” check. This was not taken out of our checks at the rate of 15% every paycheck noted on our checks as social security which was set up to be held until retirement and it is supposed to be given back to us to ease the cost of living at our senior age. I am highly offended that I paid into Social Security since I was 16 years of age and now that it’s time for me to draw it, they now want to call it a “benefit”? I had no choice of whether they took the money out of my checks every payday, it was the law. On top of that, my employer paid 15% so Social Security got 30% and still gets 30% of every working man’s check every month! How can they be going broke? They certainly aren’t paying a lot of it out. Whenever we get a cost of living raise our Medicare payment increases the same raised amount. I worked hard for my income , had not choice but to pay into Social Security and now am highly offended someone wants to call it a benefit.” —Woody T. Provo, Utah

“Agreed keep their hands off” — Leon M. Price, Utah

“Leave our money alone” — Rita H.

“They always want to cut social security but they never want to cut their salaries” —Marie W.

“It’s our money… so, basically, they are stealing our money! The sad part is we don’t do anything about it. They are thieves and they suffer no consequences.” —Vickie B. Carmine, Texas

“Right keep your hands off we have earned every penny” —Mitchell W.

“Because we can’t stop them. Vote!” —Gary H.

“They need to pay back the 2.85 trillion dollars they have “borrowed “…with interest to Medicare. It’s our money!” —Bonita S.

“Because seniors have to stop voting in the ones doing it.” —Lori S. Harvard, Illinois

“They could start by undoing Johnson’s act; of pulling it from its protected trust fund, & putting it into the general fund! Until that’s done, there’s nothing to protect it from congressional thieves.” —Debby L.

Protestor with sign "Now you've pissed off Grandma"
Senior Citizens are angry. They’re petitioning Congress, writing letters to the editor, and fighting back.

“We need to hold them accountable.” —Leslie P. Mesa, Arizona

“ They will always take tax payers money and they don’t care about the older people” —Bobby H. Sr.—Lovelady, Texas

“Leave Social Security trust fund alone. Congress repay what you stole.” —Ranona C.

“They need to feel the power of the people…apathy has made criminals and career idiots…look at McConnell” —Bonnie T. Denver, Colorado

“Because corporations are paying them to undermine that security that benefit the feed the masses to the dogs” —Edward C. Pittsburgh, PA

“Seems like they have always found a way to screw us. Everytime we get a raise I bring home less” —Barbara S.

“ Why isn’t there a law against this? This is our money not their’s. Cut their salary and health care!” —Janice K.L. Green Bay, Wisconsin

“ If they wont fix it just leave the damn stuff alone”, Bill T. Amarillo, Texas

“Can you tell me why when I paid $150 a month into Medicare, my prescription only cost $1 per month; but now that I pay an extra $133 a month into Kaiser Plan, I pay $12 per month for the same prescription drug!!!!!!!!! This is a rip off & yes, I am going on 82. I can’t afford this price gouging!” —Norma L. Vallejo, California

“How about we quit giving our money away to countries that hate us and to pay off sex allegations for members of congress. That ought to save us millions every year.” —Valarie P.

“These cretins are thieves, period. Vote them out.” Mary-Katherine A.

“They should be made to replace what they have taken” —Sandy M. Bonner Springs, Kansas

“Because they don’t need it… but need to appease who put them in office and that’s not you..” —Joe L.

“Because we don’t stop them!” -Sharon K. Conroe, Texas

“ Because Congress rules. I have told that even in 1980s the government took all social security surplus every year. How are they going to tell you there’s not enough social security for everybody when truthfully since the taxes were withheld from our paychecks there should have been enough for many many lifetimes. Yet they cannot prove what was done with the funds or who was responsible. Voting means more than just the President. How many under the table deals can he know about about. He is just the President. How many under the table deals can he know about. He is just one man, though important but every but every office should be voted after study, reading, listening, and asking questions like what do you stand for and what have you done for the American taxpayers lately. Got proof? Remember I told you. “ —Sandra E. Newington, Georgia

“ They needed it for the Vietnam War and then some I want them to put my money back from the aisle you that they gave us with big interest I think maybe we need to go to Washington DC and and tell them what a trust is I can’t believe they are so stupid that they were the overseers of our retirement and they spent the money which they were supposed to be accumulating interest on. And I don’t want them to forget the interest that they owe us.” —Elizabeth T. El Cajon, California

“Because no one will stop them.. It is easier to use our money than come up with their own. None of them pay into social security nor will they be eligible for it later…so they just don’t care how they use it!” — Pat M. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“It’s a cash cow to them.. we need to fight to replenish the fund considering people today don’t get pensions like me the baby boomers. I worried about my children, my Grandchildren and beyond.” —Judith K.

“They are crooks in congress. even if President wanted to do something, the robber barons won’t let him/her.” — Maria B. Austin, Texas

“Leave our social security alone! We worked and paid in all our working years. It is ours! Pay it all back that you have stolen!” —Wanda S. Orleans, Michigan

“Stop stealing and put back every cent you stole with 7 times penalty payments.” —Albert S.

“Government needs to pay but the more than trillion dollars that was stolen for social security” —Jimmie Frances A.

“So why don’t we file a class action lawsuit against everyone who has taken money from the social security fund.” — Linda Hoover

“Social Security has nothing to do to the deficit! It is a separate bag of money, paid for by the working people.” —Robert H. Black, Alabama

“Politicians taxed us to death while we were working and then they try to steal the money we and our employers set aside for our retirement. It’s a disgrace that social security is still not protected from the thieves.” — Donna B. Holladay, Tennessee

“Why in all these decades has Social Security Insurance not been lock boxed? Social Security is only for people who worked and paid in all their lives. Instead it’s treated as a super slush fund for every politician…” —John H. Staunton, Illinois

“The Senate should pass the Social Security Fairness Act Bill now! No more delays nor excuses!” —Ken J.

“If Congress and the president’s would quit stealing from it. We would have enough.” — Maxx G. Pittsburg, Missouri

“ If you would keep your sticky fingers out of it; it wouldn’t be broke. What happens to all the money that the younger people paid in and never lived to get any of it. My daughter paid in for almost 40 years and died where is that money from those people that died young!” —Rena K.

“What trust fund? All the money went to the general fund. Just give us our money back.” — Stephen A.

Senior Citizens Protesting
Baby Boomers are used to fighting for what they believe in. They aren’t giving up now.

“There is no way they are paying that back! Where is the money coming from?” —Tim P. Altoona, Pennsylvania

“Take it out of their retirement fund. They stole it from us, they can pay it back. Bet they would fix the Social Security Fund really fast if they had to live on what the rest of the seniors are having to live on.” —Barbara K. Comanche, Oklahoma

“The money was paid from the general fund because Lyndon Johnson dismantled the SS trust fund in the 60s. Now because of the baby boomers more money goes out than comes in. People didn’t stop getting SS I didn’t agree with Johnson dismantling it but we were all paid out of the general fund.” — Diane R.

“Easy fix. Raise contribution ceiling. The 1%er’s make one maybe 2 contributions to the fund and are done for the rest of the year. Even if they raised the ceiling to $750,000. 00 a year the 1%’s would still only pay towards the fund to about 10 months. The next step, apply the say calculations that they use to to figure out much we are paid each month. They would be loving on an amount that is greatly reduced from what they are used to living “ — Barbara K. Comanche, Oklahoma

“Social Security funds were taken by Congress back in the sixties…first it was used to balance the budget and continued for several years then they realized they borrowed so much they couldn’t pay it back so they put Social Security into the general fund. Ever since then they use these funds like their personal slush fund.” — Gary K. Eagan, Minnesota

“This is sad seniors—your mother and fathers have to go through this, never before have we had to have seniors go to this extent- people focus it will not get better if we, America do not stick together” —Debbie T.

“Maybe those 1% should give the money that they have in Social Security back to Social Security to help those that don’t have anything except Social Security to live on.” — Claudia R.

“We paid the money, we expect to be paid back.Tired of hearing from those who contributed zero dollars collecting benefits! Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!” — Elizabeth H. Clear Lake, Iowa

“ I doubt Washington would hear us right now.their only concerned with their own petty crap.” —- Ted V. Yuma, Arizona

“Keep your hands off the money meant for us. That’s my motto.” —-Robert C. Chicago, Illinois

“Keep your hands off our money! We paid into it through payroll deductions for our retirement. It is supposed to be in a separate account for that specific purpose. And it has nothing to do with the deficit!” —Cynthia S. Deer Park, Washington

“Damn rich politicians off of poor people and still stealing” — Patricia T.

“I want our 2.8 trillion back!” —Lanny B.

“This is stealing leave my and all seniors money alone we seniors need more of the money that we paid in” — Gloria W.

“Give it back please our money.” — Maxine G. Clarkston, Michigan

“Embezzlement is stealing” —Teri L. Hardy, Virginia

“Thieves repay Social Security, now!” —Diane N.

“Keep your filthy hands off our money” — Noreen A.

“Keep your hands off our social security and Medicare you don’t have the right to use it to cover up your stupidity” — Sandy M. Bonner Springs, Kansas

“Congress has been stealing Social Security for over 40 years. They say borrow, but never pay it back.” — Cathy R.

“The correct terms are misfeasance and malfeasance by fraudulent means…Promising you’ll pay it back like all other loans—On Demand” — Gene L.

“There us no Social Security Trust Fund. Lyndon Johnson dismantled it in the 1960s. All our money goes in the general fund and has ever since. Because of the baby boomers more money is spent that is collected.” — Diane G.

“Save our Social Security! Pay it back with interest !” — Joyce T.

“Pay Back the money you stole from our social security money account –paid by us not the government!” —Elaine R., Michigan City, Indiana

“I suggest you congressman take the funds from your own pockets by using funds from your own pockets. Quit giving yourself raises every time and use your own pension fund.” — Deborah D.

“Stealing they don’t care they don’t have depend on it wake up people!” — Paul Perdue, Tallahassee, Florida

“Take it out of his retirement” — John Z.

“No. No. No. No more. Leave it alone. Someone please remind these greedy power hungry people they work for us in our house. If they can’t then we must go to the polls and throw them out” —Michelle C. Pomona, New York

“They need to be forced to pay back every bloody cent they’ve stolen from social security and then fired! No bloody politician should receive a salary or pension or special health care! No perks! No kickbacks! No special interest! Nothing!” —Larry H. Williamstown, New Jersey

“Keep your damn hands off our retirement money. That money is not supposed to be in the General Fund in the first place.?” — Robert John D.—Brainerd, Minnesota

“Another congressman just taking up sparse in Congress. No brains.” — Ben L.

“If they paid back what they took out and they leave it alone and all the congressmen and women and the representatives paid into it it would stand on its own and they would not have to bother it. Leave our Social Security alone” —Virginia M. DeLand, Florida

“Keep your damn hands off of what’s left of our money and give back what you stole.” — Nancy S.

“He can’t do anything without congress.” — Regina M. Plymouth, Massachusetts

“Well I guess there is some truth in the old saying “never trust the government”. The only thing congressmen and senators are good at is enriching their own lives and to hell with the people they supposedly represent” — Wayne M. Martinsville, Indiana

“ Is not embezzlement a crime?” — James V.

“It seems like politicians can’t stand to see money used for what it is intended.” —Larry H. Springdale, Arkansas

“Unfortunately, the Social Security “Fund” was never fully explained when it was enacted. Our money was never intended to sit in a vault somewhere waiting for us to start receiving it. All we’ve ever had was a rolling balance payable to us in set increments when we start to draw S.S.. The workers paying into it today are actually supplying the funds for us. Sigh! So, all we actually have is a pile of I.O.U.’s. These are what they need to leave alone!

What we need to demand is that they not even think about “cuts” to the program! Social Security is an entitlement because we are entitled to receive the funds we deposited. We paid into it every working day of our life!” — Marianne B.

“Yes leave. Us. Alone” — Patricia F. Thousand Oaks, California

“Resign you weasels” — James B.

“The only place this money can be diverted is back into the pockets of those who paid it. It is not a slush fund for whatever administration is in power.” — Christine T.

“The plan was originally planned to let young workers draw against their Social Security benefits for expenses of child bearing. I wonder who decided everybody else should pay? Or is this another web site fantasy??” — Geraldine E. Amarillo, Texas

“Give it back to the people who paid in to the system , not people who hasn’t paid in to the system! Give the people a raise on their well earned tax money they have paid in !!” -Gary W. samson, Alabama

“Reagan and Bush both raided it to the tune of $2.9 trillion and it’s our money!” — Linda O. Sweetwater Lake, Indiana

“Can’t wait until you’re old. Respect your elders.” — Ellen K. Sarasota, Florida

“That’s to pay for the tax cuts they got” — Rita H.

“He has plenty, doesn’t care about senior citizens and the problems he will cause.” — Betty D.

“They made it their piggy-bank in the 1950’s, and we let them then, and we are still letting them now. Something is wrong with us!” —-Domenico F. Greensboro, North Carolina

”No. And why are all those fools allowed to just take OUR money?” —-Patricia R.

”Pay for it with the congress’s retirement funds!!!” —-Lewis N. Ponca City, Oklahoma

“No the Social Security is earned and shouldn’t be diverted to anything else.” —-Alice S.Massapequa, New York

”No not your money to spend not the government’s to spend either Rather let’s dip into your retirement funds.” —-Rita H.

“ Tell you what, y’all idiots figured out how much I’d paid in, get it to me then support whatever stupid fund you want to.” —-John R.

“This should not be allowed!–Linda A., Dallas, North Carolina

“None of these funds were ever intended to be used as a cash cow for issues such as this. They want to have kids, take care of a spouse, find a way to pay for it…not rob Social Security, Medicare, or any other currently dedicated funding. So, no leave it alone!!” —-Garret A.

“This is not money to be used anywhere but on retires. We worked and earned this money. It was taken from us to pay those before us.etc. Then pay taxes on it at tax times!’ This is not your money except to those who retire.” — Katherine E.Rainier, Oregon

“This has got to stop now.” –Deborah H., St. Louis, MO

“You already have my social security as my husband passed 7 years ago. I should get his and mine. He died on the last day of the month and they took his social security back out of our account. They didn’t even send a notification.” -Elizabeth H. Clear Lake, Iowa

“I’m sick of the goddamned Republicans trying to steal my money. They can steal their own. Stay away from Social Security.” —-Joanne P., Northville, Michigan

“Are you all idiots? There hasn’t been a trust fund since the early seventies, after Johnson raided it to fund his war and his great society. The bad thing was, he got away with it, and every politicians and his whatever decided to jump on that bandwagon too, and you people can’t look back pass your own ass to see where it all got started? Chez!” — Delbert G. Gillette, Wyoming

“There are only IOU’s because the money has been being “borrowed” by the govt since the Reagan administration. The govt has never paid back the money. Thus, only the IOU’s remain. The Presidents couldn’t keep their hands off all that money sitting there!” — Rose S. Puyallup, Washington

“ I’ve already warned my kids to start putting money aside, because if they ever cut our Social Security they’ll need that money to bail me out of jail. I will get arrested.” — Daniel MC.

“The Social Security Trust Fund is actually made up of two funds. The Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund and the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund.” — Ben C. San Antonio, Texas

“Lyndon Johnson put Social Security into the General fund. He needed to fund Viet Nam War.” — Oral B.

“Congress has sold us all down the river.” — Debbie F. Wilmington, Delaware

“If there is no fund left then the means that the government that is there for our welfare has stolen from the people and is libel and therefore must stand before the court. Does anyone agree or disagree?” — Richard S. Knoxville, Tennessee

“Wait…wasn’t he the guy who “guaranteed” that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?” — Larry K.

“They are working hard to screw all of us out of the money they owe us.” — Ralph F.

“But they made sure their pension fund was fully funded! Best cure is to put them on our retirement system” — Linda M. Pinedale, Wyoming

“ Maybe there should be a class action suit against the GOP to pay the IOUs that have been used by the Government over the years to fund stuff they didn’t have the money to pay for! We should have a new amendment that states” if you don’t have it, don’t spend it!” — Poppa J.

“True, because all of you politicians stole it.” — Carol P. Glendale, Arizona

“Then someone better fund it. We paid into. Maybe we as a nation and seniors should take out a lawsuit against the theft of our funds” — Jimmy B.

“ Seems to me that every President that has been in office has taken from this fund n put n the IOU’ s. Including Bush. When will they stop stealing from us.” — Denise C. Fabens, Texas

“The I.O.U.s are actually U.S. treasuries, which the government is obligated to pay. …” — Scott S. Elk River, Minnesota

“If there is no fund, it is because it has been drained by the government. If “loaned: it should be paid back with interest just as ordinary citizens need to pay off their loans.” — Carol S.

“Vote out all incumbent that has served 2 terms. These lifer Politicians have advanced their personal wealth off of the taxes of their Constituents. They now are trying to destroy Social Security & Medicare.” — Gary H.

“When corporate CEO’s misappropriate employee retirement funds they go to prison. Looks to me like we need to jail a lot of congress members.” — Joe C.

“You better read this one : The government don’t have to send you a Social Security check next month.” —Vivian I. New York, New York

“So you robbed the coffers is that what your telling us. Somebody needs to go to jail for stealing” — Robin K, Salem, Oregon

“Gee, no different than a credit card. Spending money you don’t have, and may never have!” — David H. Cedar Rapids, Iowa