Beneficiaries to begin receiving stimulus checks next week, says Internal Revenue Service

Last week, we joined millions of Social Security beneficiaries—and even a few lawmakers—in asking:

Where are retirees’ stimulus checks?

With no word on why beneficiaries’ relief checks were stuck in limbo or when retirees could expect their payments to start hitting the mail, several key legislators issued a formal letter to the IRS and SSA demanding answers.

Today we have those answers.  And according to the IRS, sluggish communication between the two bureaus is to blame.

Most importantly, we now know the delay has been resolved and beneficiaries’ checks are slated to move out the door beginning next week.

The IRS depends on the SSA to supply them with files on eligible Social Security recipients to begin processing stimulus payments, files the IRS says they only received this past Thursday.

Now that the bureau has this information, it has started the process of auditing the records, making sure each recipient is indeed eligible, and calculating the correct amount each beneficiary should receive. 

Should no problems arise, the IRS says it expects to begin processing payments by the end of this week.  Those receiving their payments by direct deposit will be among the first to receive their funds, with payments accessible around April 7.