The Seniors Center Blog: peer-to-peer payment scams hit seniors in their pockets

Many of us aren’t too enthusiastic about downloading and learning yet ANOTHER app on our phones to do our day-to-day business, but since the pandemic, using our phones is the safest way to pay for the things we need.

If you’ve never used a service like Cash App or Venmo before 2020, chances are pretty decent you have since then. And if it weren’t for scammers, it would be a pretty fast and convenient way to send and receive money without touching or seeing anyone.

But here we are. And with so many new users relying on these services, peer-to-peer payment scams have moved to the front of the “senior scam” pack.

Check out our blog post over at The Seniors Center Blog to learn more about how you can stay safe on your payment apps while staying safe from COVID.