How Social Security Fails Seniors


Inflation, low COLAs, and other factors have impacted many Americans’ views of Social Security. The program’s many failures have impacted seniors’ benefits, but there might be another issue that will affect how much seniors receive in the future.

What Social Security Doesn’t Want You to Know

Social Security invests what they bring in, much like banks or other pension plans invest their funds over time. However, as MarketWatch has recently reported, Social Security’s investments have trailed overall market performance.

While the S&P 500 grew by 29 percent in 2021, Social Security investments grew just 2.5 percent. This is a mere quarter of what retirees might have earned in a typical index fund. Social Security fails seniors by investing exclusively in U.S. Treasury bonds instead of in the open market, and in fact lost money last year due to inflation.

Our Mission to Save Social Security

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