Plan to Fast Track Social Security Cuts Moving Full Steam Ahead

In the name of “fiscal responsibility,” a group of Congressional leaders from both parties are moving forward with a plan to fast track cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The Fiscal Commission Act will establish a committee that will meet in secret, behind closed doors and without input from the public to advance massive changes to Social Security and Medicare. In fact, when an advocate for Social Security tried to present petitions of Americans opposed to the commission, the chairman responded by having the advocate arrested. Social Security is one of the most successful anti-poverty programs in the history of America. The dirty little secret no one in Washington will admit is Congress has “borrowed” trillions of dollars American workers have deposited into the Trust Fund. Congress has created this mess. And now they want hardworking Americans to pay the price by cutting their earned Social Security benefits.

You can read more about The Fiscal Commission Act here and here

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