“Divert? Where I come from, they call it stealing”… Seniors Speak Out About Rubio Social Security Plan

Senior Citizens continue to make their voices heard about Senator Marco Rubio’s plan to divert money from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for parental leave for young families.

Some of the recent messages to The Seniors Center about the Rubio plan:

“Social Security should be in a lock box that can only be used as retirement payments for those who paid into the program. Seniors had Social Security withdrawn from their pay checks all their career and it should only be used to help those retirees.” -Joann W. Gridley, CA

“It’s our Social Security. It was not paid for by someone who needs parental leave from their job. Leave our Social Security funds alone. And pay back what you borrowed year ago. It’s money that belongs to those who paid into the fund.” -Jill J. Happy Valley, OR

“As long as it’s not coming out of their pocket, people like him do not care how they keep dipping into the Social Security pot! Our money! Which is downright stealing! How about them dipping into the politicians’ retirement to fund their crazy projects!!! They do not pay anything into that, but we have paid into Social Security all of our working lives!!!! They keep stealing our money!!!!!” -Mary B.

“Not a great of idea. Why do these members of Congress that have not contributed to Social Security feel that they can use these funds for anything other than paying back to those that contributed to the fund as it was originally set up many years ago… Now Rubio thinks it is okay to empty the funds for miscellaneous reasons. No way is it okay!” -Danette B.

“They can find money in other ways, they don’t have to use our money, & they are not supposed to use our money, it is ours, we paid into to supplement our retirement, not the government’s to use. Every retired person on Social Security should be up in arms over this, outrageous. And why do all those Senators & Congressmen use our money, why are they not Chipping in when they need something.?? They make a lot more than we do, & have free health insurance, & all kinds of perks we Don’t. Makes me so mad that they sit with their fat wallets, using our money for their wealth!! Vote them out, we have had enough!!” Sally W.

“They should just stop touching our Social Security funds period! No one should take advantage of it except the contributors!” -Anjr P.

“Social Security money came from people planning on using it to retire. Not for family leave! Pay back what has been taken out with interest and then we’ll discuss it!” -Barbara S. Marquez, TX

“ This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Family leave used to be a benefit supplied by the companies you worked for. Now Congress wants to take money away from the elderly? Why not take it from someone that can afford it, the company, the employer.” -Joann A.

“You already have my Social Security as my husband passed 7 years ago. I should get his and mine. He died on the last day of the month and they took his Social Security back out of our account. They didn’t even send a notification.” -Elizabeth W. Clear Lake, IA

“No one should be able to take money out of Social Security. We paid into it. The money is meant for “seniors” just wait till you all get old.” -Barbara M. Butler, NJ

“None of these funds were ever intended to be used as a cash cow for issues such as this. They want to have kids, take care of a spouse, find a way to pay for it… not rob Social Security, Medicare, or any other currently dedicated funding. So, no leave it alone!!” -Garret Anglin

“Everything wants to get a hand out from Social Security, so why not give the seniors who worked for it a raise? I say give us a raise of our own money.” -Geanette P. Cordova, TN

“We are not allowed to withdraw funds from private retirement accounts without penalties and taxes levied by the government—so why can the government withdraw funds from our national retirement fund with no repercussion, without even having to repay it? There is no logic here.” -Dawn W.

“Social Security is only allowed to be used by the people who paid into it… it is not a government fund…” -Christina R.

“How can they do this? It’s not their money to give out. It’s the people’s money. We have contributed to this all our lives for our retirement. So many of the elderly will have to live in the streets? Starve…” -Rhonda B.

“No. We’ve been ripped off enough already! A slush fund to pay for sexual predators defense in Congress?! We want our money back! Let them pay for their own defense!” -Laura S.

“ NO! NO and NO!!! Social Security was set up for retirement not some family leave thing. Want to take off on paternity or maternity leave and have it paid for, save up your vacation and/or sick time to take care of it. Keep your hands off MY money! Just because it’s there doesn’t mean that you can help yourself to it any time some bozo gets some half baked idea.” -Cheri H.

“No, this is not right. Seniors are already suffering. Can’t find work to supplement Social Security.” Carolyn W.

“What do the people in government think that our Social Security is a bank account? God’s looking down on these people and take care of them.” -Elizabeth T.

“No! Keep your hands off of the Social Security money, and make Congress pay back all of the money they have taken so far!” -Jeffrey F. Torrance, CA

“Once you deposit MY money from my Social Security account into my bank account, then do whatever the hell you old white men want to do except touching Medicare.” -Candace E. Santa Fe, NM

“It wouldn’t hurt to give us our money we could use for a living. The money I am getting wouldn’t let anyone have a life of any kind.” -Bill T Amarillo, TX

“They need to leave our Social Security alone. It’s not theirs to give away. Keep your hands off our money.” -Maxx G.

“And they wonder what’s causing Social Security to not have enough money. That’s our money we paid into our whole lives.” -Ann C

“That is OUR money, NOT yours. Keep you hands off of it. You and your kind have already helped yourselves to a great part of it. That’s not borrowing, it’s theft.” -Nancy H.

“Not even in the slightest. Given the history the government has of not paying money it “borrows” from SOCIAL SECURITY I strongly expect if this money is “Borrowed” from yet again we will never see it again.
As I recall, our government still never paid back money it “borrowed” from SOCIAL SECURITY during the GWB administration period. (01-09)” -Ed P.

“Bad idea. Those young families have not necessarily paid into the system as much as seniors who have worked their entire lives and raised their families without receiving subsidies from Social Security. Is it fair that members of Congress can get involved in sex crimes and tax payer dollars being used to pay off the accusers of those crimes?”   -Jerry P. Chipley, FL

“It’s not their money. We need to put it back in the trust fund where they can touch it.” -Margaret D.

“Take it out of his salary, retirement & any other money he has!!! We didn’t have family leave when our families were being born!!” -Sharron K.

“Becoming parents is a CHOICE! Growing old is not!!!  Most seniors do not have the option to make up shortfalls in income!” -Bettina A.

“No! We have given up enough of our Social Security to Congress! Leave our money alone use some of Congress salaries!” -Carol O.

“Absolutely not Rubio and all senators. We paid for our own kids and paid into Social Security for our retirement. Now you want to steal more from what we paid in? Any member of congress who even mentions stealing more from Social Security deserves to be removed from government, forever.” -Lynne S. Orland Park, IL

“No, I have a better idea, use Congress’ retirement and cut their salaries.” -Gloria M. Church Point, LA

“Social Security needs to be put back into a private fund & used only for those that put into it.” -Les P.

“Why is it everybody but the people that paid in get to use the money that is in the Social Security fund?” -Michael R. Beaverton, MO

“No not your money to spend not the government’s to spend either. Let’s dip into your retirement funds.” -Rita H.

“You have stolen from Social Security enough with all your entitlement programs. Enough! How about a class action lawsuit against all of you who have stolen from Social Security?” -Linda H.

“The most selfish thing I have ever heard of for so many reasons! Young families can do the same thing we did, quit your job while you recover from child birth, or take vacation and sick leave and go back when it is time. As for fathers, they need to go back to work after one week, at the most!! We got nothing when we were young and you should not steal our savings to make this happen!” -Joyce M. Beaufort, SC

“No. It is almost like an instant refund of Social Security paid in. It doesn’t account for the years our citizens invested. It would ultimately increase the amounts paid to Social Security and that’s just more money for politicians to steal. He is a snake.” -Justin C.

“No – take your hands off of our money – we earned it and it is intended for our retirement, our and medical needs!” Bonnie S.

“No! They did not earn it, don’t deserve it. We’ve busted our butts to put the money in for us.” -Susie R.

“They have been robbing Social Security since it began then they complain it’s going out of money.” -Jacqueline B.

“Hell no it’s not a good idea. Better get that money from somewhere else. Maybe some of the ‘pork’ your senators are collecting!! Shame on you Rubio!!!! I know you’ve lost your mind now!!” -Pat W.

“They have every right to be mad. This lamebrain idea will cause the Social Security to dry up even more quickly. Republicans are doing all they can to destroy the program that was enacted as a safety net for seniors.” -Phil H.

“Not right. Every time they decide to take something one more time, erodes our paid Social Security fund that WE paid for. We had no choice. They held it out of our wages. Put it back and stop robbing it. We are older but not stupid.” -Sherry G.

“Lock box, only for those who paid into it, it’s been nothing but politicians’ private slush fund the last 30+ years, both parties, but you know who started stealing from it first?…” -John H. Staunton, IL

“This money is not theirs to decide what to do with it as we all pay into Social Security from our first paycheck to our last. Never before have we been subjected to so many law makers want to get into our money and spend it as they please.” -Adele W.

“Corporations recently got a big tax break. A good way for them to pass those savings on to their employees would be to fund family leave themselves and leave the government out of paying for the program.” Chris B. East Helena, MT

“No! If anything, the Social Security max needs to be raised as well as Medicare because there are a lot of people who are not paying on large percentage of their wages. The tax cut for wealthy needs to be reversed because the trickle down is not working anyway as usual!” -Nancy P. Omaha, NE

“The money belongs to Social Security. They need to put the funds back into it. This is a ploy to get away with the corruption that took out the funds in the first place.” -Jimmy B.

“Tell Rubio not to take any money from Social Security for anything and they need to put back those millions of dollars they already took.” -Linda M. New York, NY

“The US is an extremely rich country. We should be able to both. We don’t because we allow ourselves to be pitted against each other, instead of going after much bigger offenders like corporate welfare and businesses/wealthy people that end up paying no taxes and being subsidized by ours.” Anne P.

“Nope, I am sick of paying school taxes, I have no children and recently retired, why would I subsidize family leave? No common sense at all!!!!” -Chazz T.

“There’s no money to do this. Next year there will be less paid into Social Security than benefits paid out. Congress finally broke it. Time to expand the Social Security wage cap to bring in more money. Congress needs to increase taxes to pay for maturing treasury bonds.” – Linda M. Arab, AL

“Even voting red will be hard with him. Rock and a hard place. Have to hold him down when he is in office. Vote NO to anything he wants to do with our Social Security.” -Jean R.

“Our government has been corrupt for longer than I can remember – we are just now coming to realize the extent of government corruption – Social Security funds have been (to use your words) diverted for decades – this is nothing new – the corruption will continue until we unite and form a senior citizen lobby group to confront Washington Establishment.” -Ernest P.

“This is not money to be used anywhere but on retires. We worked and earned this money. It was taken from us to pay those before us etc. Then pay taxes on it at tax times! At least 4 times these $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ have been taken to use for whatever! This is not your money except to those who retire. Vote Rubio and all who keep pushing for this out!” -Katherine E.

“If any of the other senators don’t start standing up for seniors vote them out too! doesn’t anyone in congress have any brains or guts?” -Karen D. Otem, UT

“It’s already going broke!!! Social Security was paid for by Americans, leave it alone to go back to those Americans!!!”- Chuck G.

“No! Social Security is our retirement fund, not Workman’s Comp, Planned Parenthood, or an employee benefit package!” -Debby L.

“No way Mr. Rubio! This is for the people who put their money in this. It was never intended to subsidy welfare.”   -Kay J.

“No! Just stop taking my money and diverting it where you want! I want mine back, with interest! It is mine! While we’re at it, stop taking it from my dang checks too!” -Jody R.

“Rubio, your days as a senator are numbered. You see, the Senior population is increasing rapidly and we do vote! Bye, bye!” -Ruth M.

“Keep you sticky hands off my money. Of you want leave save your own money. Just like I did 46 years ago. No handouts use your money no money no leave.” -Ann P.

“I see all your congressman and senators give up a hundred grand a year you don’t need to make that much money.” -Sam N.

“I sure hope Florida kicks Rubio to the curb. He is hurting the people that put him there and hurting the country.”

-Rhonda B.

“I wonder how many of us would be able to go to Washington DC I think we need a bigger show then they’ve ever seen.” -Elizabeth T.

“No the Social Security is earned and shouldn’t be diverted to anything else.” -Alice S. Massapequa, NY

“Pay for it with the Congress’ retirement funds!!!” -Lewis N.

“Leave Social Security alone. You are stealing from seniors.!!!” -David H.

“No diverting of Social Security funds! That’s not why it was created!!” -Jeanette H. Saint Albans, WV

“I say give them the money from the politicians’ retirement fund.” -Gary D.

“Oh puhleeze. There is no money in SSI to steal.” -Susan S.

“Let’s take it out of Congress’ retirement fund instead!” – Woody M.

“No, and why are all those fools allowed to just take our money?” -Patricia R.

“No! Use the Social Security for what it is meant to be used for & nothing else!” -Bonnie B. Huntington WV

“Let Rubio give up his raises and Social Security! Leave ours alone!!!!” -Donna G.

“Rubio if you want to give away money then all of you and your colleagues in Washington can donate part of your pay since none of you earn it anyway. Always on vacation and nothing gets done.” -Ada H. Tallahassee, FL

“Every senior citizen must vote blue to protect their Social Security. Vote Rubio out.” -Anna M.

“Vote. Get your friends registered, vote. blue. Rubio and his Republican coconspirators need to be voted out.” -Rick E.

“Not with Social Security funds, Rubio.” -Lynne M. Independence, MO

“No way that money is paid from us. Nobody has the right to touch it, take it out of your raises.” -Debra W.

“Shame on Rubio! The money belongs to seniors, not the government to do as they please!” -Roseann T. Lake Havasu City, AZ

“No way. We live on so little now. If there is extra money, give us a nice raise.” -Rodman H Bardstown, KY

“No more Social Security funds to be used for any reason.” -Isabell T.

“No. Don’t touch Social Security. We have paid into Social Security all of our working lives!!!!!!” -Fellenxa C.

“Vote blue before we have another Great Depression.” -Marilyn H.

“Rubio needs to check himself! That’s not his money to give away!” -Bonnie V.

“No, no, no!!! leave our money alone … and pay back what was taken!!!!” -Ladonna G.

“If he looks forward to political suicide!” -Sharon M.

“Every year Rubio does something to piss me off, I guess he is trying to vote himself out.” Phillipe V. Hudson, FL

“Absolutely leave our Social Security alone!!!! It’s not yours to spend!!!!!!” -Rena K.

“They already stole from us about 2 trillion dollars. How much more are they going to take away?” -Gail D.

“No! Keep your hands off our Social Security! It’s not your personal piggy bank putz!!!” -Ann D.

“How about we divert Rubio’s salary to the trust fund to help pay back what they have already stolen???” -Ed W.

“Keep your dirty paws off of our Social Security.” -Sharoline D. Tulsa, OK

“It’s time all politicians hear the people! Hands off Social Security!” -Robert C.

“Everybody wants to be generous with other people’s money.” -Geraldine E.

“No!!!! Rubio…..don’t do it………..No, no, no!!! Congress never paid back what they already stole…..not doing it again!!!” -Paula O.

“Nobody paid for any parental leave for me. We had to just quit our jobs.” -Carol P. Glendale, AZ


“NO – divert it from the tax breaks for the Corporate Welfare Queens!….Social Security funds are for Social Security. We already paid, and continue to pay our taxes!!! Do I make it clear enough for you?” -David G. Albuquerque, NM

“Rubio is washed up. Ask him to use his Russian money.” -Bernice S.

“We can afford a billion dollar tax cut for the wealthy, we can afford trillions for war, but we can’t afford healthcare and education for all, so why are we paying taxes that don’t return anything to the people?” -John W. Tulsa, OK

“Anger aside or not. The answer is still no.” -Ronnie F.

“Anything to get their dirty hands on our Social Security money.” -Mary S. Fulshear, TX

“Absolutely not! Quit trying to use our money for your whims!” -Bernie R.

“No, no, no… Not from Social Security Figure out something else.” -Michelle C. Pomona, NY

“There is no putting anger aside. He needs to keep his damn hands off of our money!!!!!” -Becki Y.

“Keep voting against your better interest and this is what you get.” -Christy T.

“Every time some stupid a** comes up with a stupid idea Social Security is where they want the money to come from. Just like the cost of living increase, what do they think people are going to buy more of a month with $3.00 more. Every increase is taken back with a Medicare increase. Seniors get nothing.” -Elijah T.

“It is a political stunt and an absolute abuse of power and should be viewed as a criminal act. “ -Paul F.

“This has got to stop now.” -Deborah H. St. Louis, MO

“Why is the RINO globalist Rubio still around?” -Mike J.

“No robbing from Social Security. I will never vote for Rubio. If he touches Social Security, he’s toast.” -Robin K. Salem, OR

“No, no, no that is wrong.” -Kathy M.

“Everyone, keep your hands off of Social Security and Medicare!” John H.

“If they have extra monies then help seniors with our drugs.” -Pat G. Cassville, MO

“No! If he wants it let him pay for it out of his own pocket.” -Warren T.

“No you don’t touch our Social Security.” -Keith D. Spokane, WA

“Whose money is it? I paid in every paycheck for 50 years. I’m still paying in….” -John G.

“No, hell no, no means no.” -James S. Chubbuck, IO

“Rubio’s plan, which is supported by princess Ivanka, is so, so wrong!!!” -Susan H.

“It makes more sense to use Unemployment instead of allowing a person to withdraw their own money from their Social Security account.” -Carol B.

“Wake up Florida it’s time to replace Rubio not sure how he got voted back in this last time.” -Ron G.

“No it’s not. He’s the one that wants to do away with Social Security.” -Lucy D.

“No it’s not a good idea… not their money!!!” -Bev O.

“They’re not just taking our Social Security the young people that are working today are paying their Social Security taxes and the government is using theirs to I think we should start to post on every one of our Facebook pages that the government is taking the young people’s taxes for Social Security as well it is our money that’s already in the retirement.” -Elizabeth T.

“Hell no. Take from the billions they are making in bribes.” -Dan H.

“Leave my money alone go earn tell the NRA to give you money.” -Antonio G. Houston, TX

“If you want a paid parental leave seek out a job / company that offers that benefit.” -Marilyn D.

“Stop robbing Social Security funds. Not yours. We paid into it forever!!!!” -Bunny R.

“No Way…. they’re not in it. Rubio & click…They just get their big Fat Pensions!!!” -Roseann M.

“Not just no, but hell no!!!!” -Janie C.

“Why, hasn’t enough been taken and diverted?” -Phyllis B. Nassau County, NY

“No, no, no… this is so wrong. A lock needs to be put on the Social Security fund.” -Mickie C.

“No! Keep your hands off our Social Security. Take it out of your own paycheck Rubio. Keep your hands off Social Security.”       -Eileen S. Butler, MO

“Leave Social Security alone! It’s not for that!” -Leah D.

“Don’t touch our Social Security money…” -Patt F. Tiskilwa, Illinois

“No – fund family leave a different way.” -Diane H.

“He has lots of ideas, most of them BAD.” -Stan V.

“Not only no but hell no!!!!!!!” -George N. Seymour, Iowa

“They have taken enough from Social Security ask the federal gov to pay back what they have borrowed.” -John C. Seymour, Iowa

“No respect for what Senior Citizens have worked for for years!” -Sheri C. Spanish Fork, Utah

“Little Rubio go home. Haven’t you done enough damage? Why are you always robbing from the poorest of poor the seniors.” -Jean C. Denver, Colorado

“We don’t slap down these people enough!” -James B. Baker City, Oregon

“Use the money from the Space Force. Or maybe Trump could save us a few bucks and not fly off to Florida every freaking weekend.” -Cincinnatus R.

“No way!!!!! The GOP must stay up nights thinking about how to screw the retirees!!!!” -Mary S. Gold Canyon, Arizona

“No, not only no but hell no. Put his pension and the pensions of the rest of those worms in congress into this plan if it is so great. Quit stealing from the people who have worked for their money.” -Kathie D. Gold Canyon, Arizona

“No no money taken from us that worked our whole life and live way below poverty level. How are we to live on $800. a month? Leave our money alone give us a raise in our checks. Paid in to Medicare when we were working and still paying in. Why? Let’s take the salary of these Washington elites and pay for this crap.” -Judy O.

“Let the govt give tax breaks to cover it. They want the tax slaves.” -David W.

“Trust Fund does not equal Piggy Bank !!!!” -Peggy M.

“Move to his state n vote him out.” -Dorothy C. NY, NY

“No don’t trust him!” -Pat H.

“No! Keep your hands off Social Security!” -Joan R.

“Theft….period.” -Mary R.

“No thats our money sorry but no leave our damn money alone.” -Pat N.

“No!!!” -Karen D.

“So long, bunch of crooks.” -Christina P.

“We need to clean house people.” -Nancy G. North Fort Myers, Florida

“No, not my Social Security.” -Kim W.

“Hell no, he can use his money.” -Mickey G.

“Yes, Shame on you Rubio. We will vote you out.” -Patricia T. Bradenton, Florida

“No.” -Beverly G.

“Vote them all out.” -Margaret B. Hamilton, Alabama

“Hell no.” -Daniel D.

“Absolutely not!” -Kerrianne H.

“Are. You. Kidding. Me. no. So. Wrong.” -Nova A.

“Absolutely not.” -Joyce W. Max Meadows, Virginia

“No.no.oh and no!!!!!” -Phil R. Ashtabula, Ohio

“Vote!! Vote!! Vote!!” -Roger M.

“No!” -Luetta W.

“Absolutely no! No to the hell no!” -Mary-Katherine A.

“No, nope and hell no.” -Connie U.

“No.” -Diana A.

“No,please stop the madness.” -John P.Jr.

“No no no no no…need I go on???!!!!” -Sharon G.

“Get our Social Security funds out of the reach of the government and get back our 2.8 trillion dollars so it can be self-reliant.to HELL with these people that come here and expect we the people to pay for their everything out of money that don’t belong to them or the government.” -David W.

“Oh no you don’t Rubio.” -Jorita D.

“Remember Rubio when voting vote bluuuuue.” -Rosha M.

“Hang Rubio.” -Don N.

“Divert it from Trumps golf trips!!!!!!” -Georgia B.

“Our Social Security!!” -Sandra T.

“Angry isn’t close!!!” -Linda H. Greenwich, Connecticut

“Shame on you, Rubio, taking what’s not yours to use.” -Maxine G. Clarkston, Michigan

“There goes the idiots in DC again stealing from AS again. Linda S.

“No take it from welfare they didn’t pay in like we did.” -Gary B. Leominster, Massachusetts

“Vote blue.” -Sue S.

“No way Rubio.” -Gary E.

“To Hell with him!!!” -Bob W.

“No! It is a very bad idea.” -Linda S.

“Leave our damn money alone!” -Kerry W. Verona, Pennsylvania

“Hell No. it’s not their money.” -Carol F. Griffin, Georgia

“Hell no!” -Kelly H. Jacksonville, Alabama

“No!” -Tanya R.

“No, it is wrong!” -Judy J B.

“No! Take it out of your tax break!!” -Karin L. Edgewood, Maryland

“I call BS.” -Laura T.

“Typical little Marco! Pendejo!” -Louis G.

“Not a good idea.” -Golda B. Rickman, Tennessee

“F U Marco.” -Henry M.

“Hell no.” -William B.

“I like Rubio but this is not the solution.” -Kathi P.

“No leave my money alone it is not your money.” -Dan M.

“Hell No! Leave our money alone!” -Wanda S. Orleans, Michigan

“No. No!” -Philenda D.

“No!!” -Doug M.

“No more money for foreigners.” -Teri L.

“Noooo.” -Eleanor A.

“Vote blue. He’s a no good slime ball!!” -Yvette G. Málaga, Spain

“No. No. No.” -Emily S. Hillsboro, Ohio

“He better Not!!” -Priscilla A. Sedgwick, Maine

“I vote no.” -Rebecca D. Cunningham, Kentucky

“Absolutely no vote him out.” -Karen C. Kendallville, Indiana

“No!!!!” -Bill J.

“No” -Bobbie B Greenfield, Illinois

“Hell no.” -Peggy B.

“Rubio has never been a good choice.” -Faye Y. Oscoda, Michigan

“Keep voting in republicans, vote blue Nov 6.” -Janet K.

“Hell with it.” -Mags G. Kokomo, Indiana

“No!!” -Steve N.

“So wrong!” -Nellie T. Eureka, California

“Inhuman.” -Rozalind W. Yucca Valley, California

“Rubio is wrong.” -Valli R.

“No.” -Lynda F.

“Hell no.” -Chuck P. Caro, Michigan

“The congress fund sounds better.” -Mary J.

“No…Bs.” -Kevin C.

“Leave Social Security alone!!!” -Becky R.

“What is he thinking?” -Robert T.

“Leave our Social Security alone!” -Wilma T.

“No!” -Vera S.

“Stop him now.” -Sylvia M. Austin, Texas

“Not a good idea.” -Eleanor L. Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Hell no.” -Joe D. Jr. Glennville, Georgia

“Hell no it isn’t.” -Russ M.

“Heck no.” -Dana H.

“No, no, no.” -John F.

“Did they pay into it.” -Edythe G.

“No.” -Gail M.

“Not no but hell no!” -Kathy P.

“No, no and hell no” -Christine N.

“No!” -Sylvia B.

“No, definitely not right.” -Marjorie K. Ashford, Connecticut

“No!!!!!!!” -Jerry S.

“Very disturbing. There are 67 million seniors in this country and someday under the GOP they could wake up to find that their funds have been drastically cut as Republican lawmakers divert billions to the military and the rich.”

-Michal B.

“Nooooo.” -Keith M.

“No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Darlene P.

“Vote blue Democrat” -Sharon B.

“No. No. No. No. No.” -Richard B. Tustin, California

“To hell with parental leave! we payed for our benefits, it is our money! Robbers and thieves!” Maria F.

“Hell no it’s not there damn money they didn’t earn it we did. That asshole could have a real friggn problem.”

-Gaylord M.

“Pay back what you took from S. S. with interest! Do not trust him. Traitor to the people….” -Rita V. McDonough, Georgia

“That’s a misappropriation of funds.” -Sharon L.

“Don’t we jail thieves anymore?” -John S. Las Vegas, Nevada

“Maybe Rubio and the rest of the deep state RINOs just need to go babysit for these people. If they can’t work it out with employers on their own, or afford the children with one salary, then they should not have the child. It is not anyone else’s problem and definitely not to be taken from Social Security. Far too many idiots in Washington with their hands all over our money..” -Rick F.

“Since LBJ, there has been NO SOCIAL SECURITY Trust Fund, LBJ, changed it to a General Trust Fund so ALL the Politicians could steal out of it. Did you know that part of the Millions that Obama sent to Iraq came out of the SOCIAL SECURITY General Fund? Politicians are not for the American People any more. Nothing but a bunch of thieves.” -Vicky L. Mercer, Pennsylvania

“Tell you what, y’all idiots figured out how much I’d paid in, get it to me then support what ever stupid fund you want to.” -John R.

“I’m sick of the god damned Repugs. trying to steal my money. They can steal their own. Stay away from Social Security.” -Joanne P. Northville, Michigan

“No! No more robbing of SSI!!!” -Wayne P.

“No the man is an idiot! It should not be used on anyone who has not paid into it.” -Pat M. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Kick him out of office if he tries. We earned it; we paid it; it is our money!” -Linda P.

“This should not be allowed!” -Linda A.

“The only leave I promote is that asshole from Congress.” -Ricky Y.

“Stupid ass republicans. They need money, but would never in a million years ask the rich to chip in. Every single time they go to the well, they want money from the elderly and poor.” -Daniel M.

“That’s crazy. Stop picking on the old people. You are stupid.” Maria F. Woodland Park, New Jersey

“ Get that stupid ass out of politics!” -Jack T.

“You still harping on Rubio? Are you guys in the bag with Democrats? Because if you haven’t noticed unemployment is at a 49 year low.. Just say keep that in mind come November.. Rubio doesn’t have enough support to wipe his butt.” -Randy W.

“Little Bastard!!! Lousy thief!!” -Rochelle Clarke

“Fn jerk” -Cherie S.

“Thieving devil!” -Linda M. Pinedale, Wyoming

“He is such a stupid a**. But No no no!” -Clyde H.

“Leave SOCIAL SECURITY the fuck alone assholes.” -Curtis L.

“Little bitch better not!!! Time for him to go!” -Paul A.