1960s protest

“Marco Rubio, Shame On You” Senior Citizens Respond to Rubio Plan to Pay for Family Leave With Social Security

America’s retired people are visiting Congressional offices, protesting at town meetings, calling talk radio, and using social media to make their voices known. Thousands of Senior Citizens have contacted The Seniors Center in recent weeks.

They’re upset — America’s retired people are outraged — by Senator Marco Rubio’s plan to pay for parental leave for young families with proceeds from the Social Security Trust Fund

Today’s Senior Citizens have been activists their whole lives.  In their work places, their homes, and their schools, they created positive social change.  Fifty years ago, the Baby Boom generation took to the streets to fight for peace and justice. Today, they’re reaching retirement and they’re fighting again — this time their cause is a little but more personal but no less important.

Some of their comments follow:

“They just want to give more money to the rich.” – Victoria H.

“Time to protest.” – Marilyn M.

“No way. Leave Social Security alone.” – Helen W.

“That’s not your money. Social Security is ours. We paid into it all our working life. Go back and get all the money you gave to your rich friends.” – Victoria H.

“Rubio needs to stop this subject as we seniors will not tolerate anymore thievery from our Social Security! It’s astonishing that they expect people on fixed incomes to foot the bill for anything!!! Already our Social Security has been stolen from and then they tell us it’s going broke!” – Patti R., Annapolis, Maryland

“Mr. President, please stop people from taking money from Social Security we worked and put into Social Security until retirement now we need our Social Security.” – Kathy M.

1960s protestors
In the 1960s, Baby Boomers protested to change the world today they’re protesting to save their Social Security

“Raid your own pension!!!!!!!!!!” – Bonnie L.

“My Social Security is not your piggy bank.” – JoLee M.

“Yep, they are doing everything they can to destroy Social Security.” – Michal B.

“Hell No, I didn’t have paid family leave raising my children. I a now retired and need my money I paid in, leave the Social Security alone.” – Deborah D.

“No Way- keep your hands off our Social Security!” Karen J. – Red Wing, Minnesota

“Leave our Social Security alone. Stopppppppp PLEASE I paid into for 57 years. Not for you to use PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.” – Maxine G., Clarkston, Michigan

“Leave my Social Security alone” – Carol S., Sparks, Nevada

“Pay it back. The 3 Trillion. Social Security. You stole enough.” – James R.

“It’s not your money it’s ours.” – Jud G., Southmayd, Texas

“Leave our Social Security alone, please!!!!!” – Martha E., Prong, Louisiana

“Don’t care which party, from the time they started taking our Social Security money for other purposes, they all became theives!!!!” – Jacqualine D.

“Your government at work, both Republicans and Democrats have been stealing yourSocial Security. Leave it alone. Let’s not point the finger at one party, both are very very guilty. I raised three kids without help, don’t make me pay for their families, I have already had to pay for my own. Don’t have kids if you can handle it. Damn what politicians will do for a vote.!” – Dan J.

“Absolutely not!”– Jeanne Y.

“I paid for my Social Security with every paycheck.  Hands off.” – Hazel W.

“Hell no.” – Robert W., Indianapolis, Indiana

“These people want to rob the seniors of Social Security and leave them to starve to death while they blow the money we paid and stuff it into their pockets.” – Ann B

“No we’ve been robbed already. So our Social Security is half what it should be my dad was able to live off his barely but now it’s below welfare.” – Donald F., Nashville, Tennessee

Human Rights Rally
Todays Seniors fought for everyone else. Today they’re fighting for themselves.

“Congress needs to keep their darned hands off of our money. Also they need to pay back what they stole. It should be in the hands of someone other than Congress. Leave our Social Security alone.” – Sharoline D., Tulsa, Oklahoma

“No.” – Rodney S, Biwabik, Minnesota

“Another idiot in congress who’s trying to take money he’s not worked for.” – Anne P.

“No way.” – Eleanor L., Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Can’t you… get it straight Social Security is not you personal piggy bank?”– Barry M., Las Vegas, NV

“Not only no but hell no that money is not yours you hollow shell.” – Lillia G.

“2nd the HELL NO!!!!” – Kathy P., Jacksonville, OH

“Maybe all seniors on Social Security should file suit to recover what we have paid in – plus interest. I know it’s a long shot, but I’d say it’s worth a try.” – Becki Y., Crescent City, Louisiana

“I like the idea of the lawsuit.” – Melba T.

“No way.” – Ellen S. Honolulu, Hawaii

“No that money’s not for family leave from work for having babies.” – Cecilia E., Burnsville, Missippi

“I hope Florida votes his sorry ass out.” – Edward B.

“Rubio needs to keep his hands off of our money. PS, they need to repay what they stole from previous years.” – Sharon D.

“Her explanation doesn’t pertain to seniors. Our money is in a trust fund meant for paying our monthly benefits. Congress wants to take the money that’s left and use it, leaving the fund empty. If they can. We aren’t going to let them!” – Diane L.

“I don’t want my Social Security to pay for anything else, just to myself.” – Diane B.

“No…it is not for that.” – Lori J.

“Rubio is an idiot. We PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY. IT IS OUR MONEY.” – Therese H.

“Nope! Back me into a corner, leave me with nothing left to lose. Just keep in mind that there are 55 million of us. Do you really want to find out how nasty 55 million of us can be?” – Daniel M.

“This has to be stopped!” – Sandra M.

“S.O.S. Save Our Seniors!” – Chris B., Asheville, North Carolina

“Leave our Social Security funds alone!” – Kathleen C., Gray, Maine

“Wrong. Bad idea. Leave our Social Security alone. You guys have stole enough from it!!”– Dan S., San Antonio, Texas

“Somebody is always stealing from our Social Security.” – Maxx G.

“No & Hell no!” – Mike G. Roanoke, Virginia

“If they want to take a leave, take it, but don’t think for one minute your going to get paid for it by Social Security or unemployment, you have vacation, sick leave, whatever, take that. Grow up already, deal with the real world, like we all did when we had our children 30-40 years ago. You take a leave from work, you don’t get paid for nothing.” – Beverly S.

“NO, NO, and NO!” – Eileen L.

“Noooooooooooooooo!” – Pat M., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“NO!” – Cheri B.

“Let them use their 401 K account if they have one. They can take money out of it like they would a savings acct… Better yet, plan ahead and save up for your leave if you need one. Most of us went back to work to soon after giving birth because we needed the money. I did 4 weeks after a c-section. But I saved up for my time off for 8 months of pregnancy. Plan ahead!” – Diane L.

“Someone please stop the government from taking our money.” – Cheryl S., Tennessee City, Tennessee

“More stupid!” – Paula B.

“Leave our money alone. If they want leave let them use their time. Not what I worked for.” – Ann P.

“…Get off your ass and do something about this Social Security should not be tough. You voted for this crap now fix it. This involves you too. Are you guys really that stupid?” – Marlene F.

“Sen. Rubio. This is a horrible idea! This fund was set up for seniors. There has been enough plundering! Leave us alone!” – Carlos H.

“Will this craziness ever end?” – Isabella Z.

“No!, No!, And NO!” – Janet W., M., Oklahoma

“NO!” – Ken J.

“Unreal ….they steal 2 trillion and want more?” – Joe L.

“No, no no!” – Leslie P.

“Just day NO!!” – Cathy R.

“Hands off Rubio.” – Bonnie L.

“Oh, Hell no. Screw you Rubio. Keep your damn hands off our Social Security funds. You pricks have stolen enough from us already.” – Charlie V.

“No.” – Tracey A.

“Leave Social Security alone.” – Kathy S., Bowdon, Georgia

“How can he do this?????” – Ladonna G.

“Rubio what a jerk.” – Marita B.

“This will be the start of the revolution.” – Peg R.

“No one raids Social Security! That belongs to the people that invested in Social Security!” – Anne P.

“No!” – Mary S.

“Better leave our Social Security alone.” – Jimmy C.

“Hands off Social Security.” – Barbara K.

“Don’t Touch our Social Security.” – Judy R.

“Rubio. Shame on you!! You and your fellow workers have used our money for your own piggy back. Congress owes the USA citizens thousands. It’s not your money. Hands off!” – Candia W.

“If the government doesn’t have the money for family leave then change the law or the funding source. That is not what Social Security is for. Social Security is for senior citizens who have paid into it for many  years. Keep your hands off of Social Security.” – John C., Grand Prairie, Texas

“Stay away, a****s.” – Benandjen M.

“Absolutely not! Vote him out of office.” – Shirley N.

“No. No. No.” – Suzanne H.

“Oh hell no!” – Joyce M., Charleston, South Carolina

“Leave Social Security alone.” – Gary E.

“No, hell no!!” – Wayne K.

“Vote him out Floridians. They owe us millions or billions.” – Patricia H.

“Rubio needs to retire,.. get out of politics. Since when is family leave a government job? It should be a job related item only or save enough to take time off. Just what we need is another federal money giveaway program. We need to trim a trillion dollars a year from the federal budget, not just keep raising taxes to pay for another socialist program and that is exactly what it is.” – Ron Q.

“Our money is not theirs to spend!” – Nancy C.

“Apparently his patents don’t need Social Security to live on!!! Must be nice! Social Security was started years ago so that people who couldn’t save $$$ for their retirement would have something. Notice how it is the wealthy that want to borrow/steal from it and reduce it so much that poor people will have nothing!!! Criminal!!! That was our earned $$$ that was put there for our old age!!!” ☹ – Clara C. – Orland, Florida

“How? What can we do to stop it? Flood Facebook with Nooooooo. Lets stop it.” – Maxine G., Clarkston, Michigan

“No!” – Mary R., San Pedro, California

“NOOOOOO!” – Jerry M.

“Someone needs to send that boy a message. Leave our dam Social Security alone.” – Ted V., Yuma, Arizona

“Shame on Rubio. Leave our Social Security alone.” – Sylvia B.

“Impeach Rubio …. apparently he feels that In the U,S seniors are apparently expendable …. Rubio is unfit for office . Curious why AARP is not involved …. oh wait they sold out seniors as well ..” – Peter M., Cleveland, Ohio

“Impeach Rubio. The SSI funds already have a dedicated purpose and that purpose does not include “Family Leave”. Using the funds for purposes other than what they were intended when paid into by the citizens, amounts to misappropriated use of private funds. No one in DC worked to earn the compiled billions of dollars in that fund, and no one in DC has the authority to use them for purposes that they are not intended to be used according to the original SSI implementation.” – Jerry P., Chipley, Florida

“Do not do it !!!! That is not what Social Security is for! Protect our retirement fund!!!!” – Doris H., Dickson, Tennessee

“They have no shame and no honor. It is nothing but a big slush fun for them. Just take, take, take. Vote them out, out, out.” – Rosie E.

“No, no, no, no, no!!! No to Rubio! Leave Social Security alone! Government, pay back what you stole!” – Barbara G.

“Rubio is another troll and swamp rat! Vote!” – Iris S., Alburquerque, New Mexico

“Just say no to Rubio!” – Jean J., Collinsville, Texas

“Not right. All for young parents and have children that would benefit but this was paid into not something given for free. Cutting benefits would strap my husband & me more. Already not getting increases especially reflecting the cost of living. Social Security should never been borrowed from in the first place yet alone used to fund a program.” – Jennifer W., Friedens, Pennsylvania

“Rubio should raid the congressional and senate paychecks to pay for family leave…” – Gene Lorang

“No. No. No. What part of “no” don’t you understand?” – Mary M.

“No!” – Bonnie B., Pensacola, Florida

“We paid into Social Security. They have no right to touch it.” – Peggy C., Hollywood, Florida

“No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Carol S.

“Who does Rubio thinks he is? His mentality will destroy the old people who worked hard for this money. Time to vote him out.” – Martha S.

“Rubio, we paid into Social Security all of our working lives so it would be there when we retired. I didn’t pay into it for you to give away. I worked and paid into it for over 40 years. It should have been earning interest. You slime bag. You better leave our Social Security alone. We didn’t have a choice, it was taken out of our pay. It is not your money to take or give away. Americans, if this happens, what are we going to do, just let him rob us?” – Mary S.

“Rubio said when he was one of the candidates in the Republican Primary that he would never hurt Social Security. He said his mother was on Social Security.” – Linda H.

“Family Leave is not a government responsibility. It is up to the employer if they want to offer this benefit. We already have laws for Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA). Talk to your employer’s Human Resource Department.” – Linda H.

“They just want to give more money to the rich.” – Victoria H.

“Time to protest.” – Marilyn M.

“No way. Leave Social Security alone.” – Helen W.

“That’s not your money. Social Security is ours. We paid into it all our working life. Go back and get all the money you gave to your rich friends.” – Victoria H.

“Rubio needs to stop this subject as we seniors will not tolerate anymore thievery from our Social Security! It’s astonishing that they expect people on fixed incomes to foot the bill for anything!!! Already our Social Security has been stolen from and then they tell us it’s going broke!” – Patti R., Annapolis, Maryland

“Mr. President, please stop people from taking money from Social Security we worked and put into Social Security until retirement now we need our Social Security.” – Kathy M.

“Keep your damn greedy hands off of our Social Security!” – Sherrie Z.

“No!” – Jeraldine S.

“That’s un-American. Congress is full of crooked bastards!” – Mike S.

“People in France got the guillotine for less than the damage the United States Congress has already done to the American people. This is wrong.” – Steve M., Tucson, Arizona

“The only way that the legislators will protect Medicare and Social Security is if they have a vested interest in them. Take away their “special” retirement and health care, and put them on the same plan we have. Then watch them protect it!”- Debby C.

“Hell NO!!!” – Karen D.

“Register and Vote on November 6, 2018.” – Margaret M.

“Social Security has been raided enough!!” – Pete Y., Chardon, Ohio

“Nobody needs Rubio to figure out anything I thought Florida would have smartened up enough not to re elect him back into office the last time.” – Ron G.

“Keep your filthy hands off our money.” – Mary Lou D.

“Go to Hell Rubio, you bum!!!” – Wayne M., Martinsville, Indiana

“Take money from the Department of Defense budget instead.” – Kathy M.

“They see our money as their spending account. It is not the government’s money to spend. It is ours.” – Kathy M., Bath, Pennsylvania

“It was started by the government as a savings plan – 1. They did not think people would save 2. They also figured on people dying before they could use up their Social Security and unbeknowst (is that a real word-anyway) to us they probably saw a boat load of money they could eventually use.” – Kathy M., Bath, Pennsylvania

“Hell no. Social Security has been raided enough!!!” – Bev O.

“I’ll go for that proposal… when Congress votes Itself exactly the same medical and retirement programs they’ve shoved down our throats.” – Charles C., New Braunfels, Texas

“Rubio, you & Ivanka couldn’t figure out how to get out of a paper bag! Take care of your state! Tee red tide reeks and all the algea is disgusting. The whole state is rotting from you and Scott’s governing. Stop stealing from everyone. Get this scum out of office!” – Merlene S.

“This is outrageous! Find that money some other place maybe by lowering their paychecks!” – Ann J., Gainesville, Georgia

“Leave Social Security alone!” – Ron S., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“No, no, no reduce their salary, they make a lot more than we do on SOCIAL SECURITY.” – Virginia B., Trenton, Tennessee

“Thief. Leave our Social Security alone you guys haven’t put back what you already stolen from us.” – Linda W.

“Keep your greedy hands off Social Security. The people that claim they are for the people just keep spending Social Security money. They should be paying Social Security back.” – Pat D.

“There is no trust fund. Just treasury bonds that the government lacks the funds to pay. That’s the problem. It’s costing more money than is coming into the program. That’s why everyone is in panic mode. We need to generate funds so go back to a tried & proven way. Expand the Social Security wage cap from $128,400 to $200,000. Then there’d be funds to give every recipient receiving less than $1200 a month a raise. Keep recipients above the poverty level.” – Linda M., Arab, Alabama

“No.” – Sylvia M., Austin Texas

“Stop using our Social Security money. It’s ours not the damn hills! I worked my ass off for the pittance I’m getting. Hands off you goddamn crooks.” – Linda H., Greenwich, Connecticut

“Guess Rubio doesn’t realize how large the older population is and how faithfully we vote.” – Ruth M.

“If the unemployment is down to 3.9%, there should be a lot of money going into the trust, & yes keep your hands off of it, Washington DC…” – Ellie W.

“Liar.” – Martha G.

“Bull shit. …. raise the capital gains tax, to sixty five percent ! Repeal the tax scam! Support the people’s budget bill!” – Gerald J., Denver, Colorado

“Rubio should not be in politics.” – Linda S.

“No more bullshit on Medicare and Social Security. Resist and revolt if necessary.” – Steve S., Wilmington, North Carolina

“Just so crazy. Like have they not taken enough.” – Edythe G.

“There isn’t any money in Social Security left to steal! Go somewhere else…like your pocket, Mr. Rubio.” – Woody T., Provo, Utah

“No do not touch Social Security ever not yours to cut…” – Arlene M.

“Gray Power.” – Flory S., Delray Beach, Florida

“So wrong, glad I did not vote for him. Wise up Florida.” – Elizabeth W., Clear Lake, Iowa

“He seems to be hell-bent on raiding our money. Should I say stealing? I think so.” – Thelma H.

“Rubio sucks!” – Rick H,

“He and Ryan are two of a kind. Paid and bought by the Bradly foundation and the Koch brothers.” – Gail H., Janesville, Wisconsin

“It is not their money to raid. There needs to be a law to stop government from taking our money and spending it they choose.” – Adele M.

“How about a pay back to Social Security for the raid on the “trust” of trillions by congress??” – Elizabeth T.

“No, I feed the maximum amount of money to the Social Security fund for 52 yrs. Don’t you dare rob us of it now! Kick off all that have never paid in to it. Cut the deadweight off! – David A., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“No to Rubio’s plan. It’s my money and anyone else that pays into Social Security through their individual paychecks. For any government official who thinks it’s theirs to redistribute elsewhere is a greedy communist pig. Take your own pig money, out of your own pig pocket and donate it to your pig projects. Too many politicians have already dipped in the Social Security fund for their personal needs with an IOU. Honoring their debts with repayment hasn’t worked. We the elderly need a raise … we need someone to watch the crooks, like Rubio, from taking away from this fund, We, the people, pay the government salaries. They work for me and you.” – Janice M.

“Rubio is a j-off.” – Mark S., Sterling Heights, Michigan

“Eliminate Rubio.” – Don N.

“Rubio is a FAILURE as an elected official.” – Ed G., New Britain, Pennsylvania

“Dump Rubio. He is bad news.” – Rosha M.

“I didn’t want to vote for Rubio but no real choice. Hopefully next time he’s up we will have a better choice.” – Ken M.

“Rubio are you crazy or just stupid? Either one. This dog won’t hunt. Leave our Social Security alone. You people have stolen enough of it already.” – Dan S., San Antonio, Texas

“He is playing with fire.” – Manuel D.

“Wake up Rubio.” – Terry B., Newport, Arkansas

“Eliminate this a**.” – Malgarita R.

“Rubio needs to be removed from office, another thief, liar, typical politician finding a new way to steal our money. F***, why in the f*** do seniors keep putting these thieves back in office? Seniors, start using your f*** brains and stop sending thieves, liars, demigods, narcissist, sociopaths into office. When will seniors learn to stop believing what they’re told? When will seniors start actually researching these bums? I’m a senior and I’m f** tired of being embarrassed by the moronic, party line voting, brain dead zombies. I know you’re afraid to lose anything, but grow a pair, stop being lead around by your f*** noses! You’re selling the entire world to the very same people who took the money for their own, rather than allow us to have a cost of living increase. These dirty fuckers get free medical, free dental, free pension, free life insurance, free secret service body guards, they can’t be arrested for insider trading. Just tell me why you keep putting the very tickets that want us all dead. WTF People, pull your ageing, senile heads out of you’re a***, and start being a grown up, stop blank checking these monsters, start voting for someone else better qualified, not the same ones over and over again.” – Russ M.

“I think the Social Security Administration needs to be totally out of the hands of our government in any way! They should not be able to touch a single penny! It should be run by an administration voted for by the people who pay into it!” – Liz S., Seadrift, Texas

“Rubio, you need to be fired…dishonorable discharge !!! We your bosses are fed up!!” – Susan C.

“Rubio is an enemy of healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid and a friend of big sugar.” – Rick R., Hobe Sound, Florida

“Go away Rubio! You are doing more harm! Uh see if maybe they will let you mess something else up! Not something u have no clue about!” – Joyce T.

“Maybe some one will take Rubio out behind the barn and teach him something.” – Rodney R.

“Same healthcare. Same wage as Social Security recipients.” – Frank A.

“If any of these asses in congress gave a damn about the people like they claim, they’d pass a bill making it against the law to touch Social Security!” – Karen D., Orem, Utah

“Keep out of Social Security.” – Isabell T.

“How in the Sam hell are they getting into our funds?? Should be only the American people allowed to get access to the funds.” ? – Nora B.

“Should make it a law that that fund cannot be touched or borrowed from But good luck with that….” – Rita H.

“My only income is Social Security. It’s time for Congress to pay back what it robbed.” – Joe S.

“Every Congressional person needs to live on Social Security for three months along with Medicare. Nothing else. We on Social Security challenge any one of you.” – Stephen T., Victoryville, California

“We could not save while we worked. We lived paycheck to paycheck and now depend on the little Social Security we receive. Worked at 14 until retired. Where are our annual COLAs? Medicare went up and we are suffering!!” – Jean A.

“All the money taken from Social Security by the government should be repaid with interest!!” – Barbara S.

“They have stolen so much from our Social Security (the seniors’ tax already paid for funds) that with interest it would be something in the ballpark figure of 6 Trillion Dollars. Trillions! We should have an organization that would start a Senior Citizens’ lawsuit against the government for embezzlement, theft, misappropriations of funds, coercion, physical endangerment, mental and physical endangerment, healthcare paid for but we get less and lees care, they stole Medicare Funds, Seniors paid for. I’m sure more people can add to this horror from our own government!!!” – Ruth F.

“Leave our Social Security and Medicare alone. Stop stealing from Seniors. Rubio should have to rely on Social Security like we factory workers have to.” – Caroline P., Kelton, Pennylvania

“These politicians leave our money alone pay back what you stole.” – Jerry L.

“I’ll be 73 in October. I paid into Social Security my whole working life! It is now my income, my only income! “they” who take it away, I’ll have to live outa my car in the woods. That is if I have any gas money.” – Michael S.

“I barely pay my bills with a tad for food. Standing in Food Bank lines is hot and tiresome and at first humiliating; I’m used to it now. I eat out on gift cards given me otherwise I cook at home and I’m a good cook and can make something out of practically nothing. Please know I’m happy most all day everyday for my life with good health and a cat and a roof over my head and nice clothes to wear and even a car that runs quite well. I’m grateful that God supplies all my needs one way or another.” – Ann M.

“I hope they heed this warning, that there will be 55 million Americans after them if they do this. They better take all those bribes from the rich and build a mote around their homes.” – Daniel M.

“Marco, aren’t your pockets full enough?!! ?” – Mary C., Branchville, New Jersey

“He needs to go into private practice…make it happen voters!” – Ricky Y.

“Don’t touch my Social Security!!!” – Mary B.

“Congress needs to pay back the trillions it stole!” – Elizabeth T.

“Just big jerks! Leave our Social Security alone! Most of us depend on it to get by every month! You All need to live on it and nothing else and see how it is, But no you have big money, Benefits, don’t work half the time and don’t give a damn about the people that vote for you all!” – Wanda S., Orleans, Michigan

“Rubio needs to go, everybody needs to spread the word, leave our Social Security Alone.” – Brian J.

“Despicable cretin, vote him out!” – Mary A.

“The #Democrats and #Republicans have been raiding it for years.”  – Mary F., Lakewood, Colorado

“Our Lawmakers owe Social Security over $2.8 Trillion.”  – Daniel T.

“Both Parties – leave our Social Security alone!”  – Arlene W.

“Hands off.” – Shirley N.

“Do Not Do It!!!” – Ladonna G.

“Hands off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Louise H.

“Hell No Rubio!!!” – Sally W.

“Is he fricking nuts? Please vote him out.” – Jeanette G., Wausau, Wisconsin

“Thank You.” – Pat H.

“You people are messing with the wrong group. I’m just saying.” – Vivian I., New York, New York

“Now I know why we only get a 1-2% raise on our checks first of year that doesn’t even cover the increase in gas prices.” – Joann B.

“Shame on Rubio!” – Sylvia B.

“Keep your fingers off my money.” – Robert A., South Londonberry, Vermont

“That’s why we call him “Wrong Way Rubio” he never gets anything right!” – David S.

“In the old days thieves got hung or shot.” – Mark P.

“Money grubber.” – Judy B.

“They need to leave Social Security money alone. That’s what elderly people live on stupid jerk offs.”  – Betty E., Searcy, Arkansas

“Marco Rubio, you are despicable.”  – Joyce C.

“Keep your damn hands off our Social Security and Medicare you greedy S***!”  – Susan A.

“Oh hell no – we seniors need every penny for our use only.” – Sydonia K., Baytown Texas

“Of course Rubio doesn’t worry, nor do the Koch brothers, both of whom are on record that both programs are unconstitutional and un-American.” – Michal B.

“Stop Congress from robbing our Social Security fund!!!!” – Bunny R.

“We’ll see you all out when midterms arrive!” – Ruth M.

“Not only No, but Hell NO!” – Gerald J., Denver, Colorado

“Liars, all of them, liars.” – Teri L.