25% Cut to Benefits! Can You Afford it??

Can you afford a 25% cut to your Social Security benefits? If Congress fails to act, that’s exactly what will happen in a few short years. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s all too real. The Social Security Trust Fund is running out o money because Congress borrowed it all and spent it. And the only way they can pay it back is to either raise taxes and/or cut benefits. Doesn’t sound fair, does it? American taxpayers didn’t create the problem. Congress did. And now they what us to pay for their mistakes and fiscal irresponsibility. If Congress fails to act, benefit cuts will hurt everyone who has paid into the Social Security system.

Help The Seniors Center Protect the Future of Social Security

At The Seniors Center, our goal is to help seniors, and we’re doing that by protecting the future of Social Security. Retirees shouldn’t have to worry about losing their hard-earned benefits to taxes or the agendas of greedy politicians. If you agree, we invite you to sign our petition today!

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